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KingsRoad is a traditional isometric RPG where players create their own hero, choosing from three different classes (warrior, wizard or explorer) and then explore the King's Road, finding adventure, treasure, and enemies along the way.

Although there is a main story, the game is divided into a series of relatively short missions where you normally just have to make it from one part of the map to another. Along the way, you'll face tons of different enemies, rescue people in danger, and search for treasure.

Like in any other decent RPG, you'll be able to collect many different items in KingsRoad: weapons, armor, accessories, potions, food ... you'll find lots of different objects on your adventures. You'll also acquire new abilities each time you beat a level.

KingsRoad is a traditional-style RPG that doesn't offer anything particularly unique. Its strong points do include controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices and great graphics.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher

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